The sign is up! Baking every Tuesday and Friday, best to drop by for a loaf in the afternoon at the moment. We’re still awaiting our big oven. We’re still looking for a creative person for our cafe, if you know of someone who’s looking for a new opportunity then tell them to get in touch!2014-02-18 14.55.14


Real food lover wanted for creative cafe opportunity

FermentaiumThe Hornbeam Bakers Collective is looking for someone to help us run the cafe aspect of the Fermentarium, our newly-opened bakery which services the Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow. The work will involve creating an imaginative menu of mostly vegan and some vegetarian light meals, snacks and drinks which utilises our baked and other items and helping to run events and some external catering.


We are looking for someone who:

  • Has experience running a cafe or catering operation
  • Enjoys experimenting and developing new flavour combinations
  • Is happy sharing an underdeveloped kitchen space with a bunch of bakers
  • Shares our values of encouraging community baking and food

Please note, this is neither a paid role or a volunteer role but a business opportunity that would require you to be registered as self-employed. It is temporary to begin with but has the potential to grow and continue. To start from 1st March.

If you are interested please write to us at hornbeambakers@gmail.com

Deadline for applications: Monday 24th February 2014, 12 noon.

To apply please answer the following questions:

  • What is your experience of running or working in a cafe or catering operation?
  • What attracts you to this opportunity?
  • What is your availability and flexibility in regards to time?
  • How do you think we could develop the cafe and make it a sustainable operation?

…First baked goods !

As you know at the very end of the year we made it to our Crowdfunder target ! It was wonderful to feel the community support (we had 110 backers which felt great) and we want to thank again everyone who was behind, with your help the works at the new space continued to develop

… Things tend to take more time than one thinks and that has definitely been the case with our new bakery. The commercial ovens have had several failed attempts to being delivered (we’re still waiting for them and looking forwards to having them installed!), we are still missing other key bits of equipment (like refrigeration and mixer, although the kitchen is SO cold that we might make heating a priority over refrigeration!), the cob oven refuses to dry in this super wet winter weather and most important our human resources are quite stretched and we are feeling tired… BUT we have started producing baked goods in the kitchen using the domestic oven and they have been wonderful! The Blackhorse Workshop had a preview party a couple of weeks ago and we catered for the event providing some beautiful dishes thanks to the good work of Gaba, Raju, Pam and Simon, most of the food was cooked in people’s kitchen’s in our Bakers’ Collective tradition but some delicious gluten free bites were produced by Raju at the new bakery and we were proud!

This last friday we hosted an event called Hidden Voices (here’s their blog http://effectivenessinaction.tumblr.com/) and again the food was delicious and this time fully baked and prepared at the bakery; Raju’s skills as a chef were wonderfully displayed in a gluten free and vegan menu that was commended by everyone.

And today Simon spent the day baking at the venue, the first proper shift, congratulations and thanks Simon! …now we just need the proper equipment to arrive… Schumacker wrote a “study of economics as if people mattered” called “Small is beautiful”    … I think Slow can be beautiful too.

The Blackhorse Workshop http://blackhorseworkshop.co.uk/ opened its doors on saturday 1st February, come to check it out and pay us a visit; we will be increasing our baking activity as the month progresses, at the moment we are there Tuesdays and Fridays  selling bread, baked goods, tea and coffee and likely to be there many other times if you pop around, see you soon!

Please Donate to our Crowdfunder…..

 here …http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/hornbeambakerscollective/… to raise much needed funds for our new move! 

We are the Hornbeam Bakers Collective, a group of community bakers who make and sell our bread for local markets, cafes, and our communities. We are passionate about making real (healthy) bread and running community baking workshops which are currently the MOST AFFORDABLE BAKING BREAD WORKSHOPS IN LONDON!

We have been baking in the collective since 2006 and have organically grown over the years. We begun with hand kneading and transporting our bread by bicycle trailer and have been based at the Hornbeam Centrehttp://www.hornbeam.org.uk/ in Hoe St Walthamstow and now we are looking to expand and grow!

With your help we are moving into a new bakery premises as part of a community workshop project, in Walthamstow London which will enable us to not only grow as a collective, which would benefit our local communities, but also offer you much more of our affordable baking bread workshops and even training to become a baker! …As well as even more of our organic nutritious bread.

We are moving into a new community based project at Blackhorse Workshops in Walthamstow Londonhttp://www.createlondon.org/event/blackhorse-workshop/ where we will set up our bigger and better bakery workshop. This will enable us to:

  • bake for our regular markets
  • run even more of our popular baking workshops. For just £30 you can attend our workshops to learn how to bake real bread.
  • set up an in house café
  • cater for local events
  • We will also offer baker enthusiasts training to build their experience and skills in a professional equipped kitchen and you could even end up joining our baking collective, working in a bakery or setting up your own business!

You will learn how to bake bread with experienced bakers from the collective who have various backgrounds of training and bread baking skills. You will be working with high quality ingredients and techniques and professional equipment to create beautiful breads that are wholesome. We believe in high standard of craftpersonship and in helping people achieve their full potential in baking by demystifying bread baking for the community and making it more accessible.

We endeavour to make the Hornbeam bakers Collective Community Workshop one of the most affordable and community focused bakery workshops in London.

We have the space, the experience and we have the vision. Now we just need the funding to build and equip the bakery and get an oven. We cannot bake without an oven!

By pledging now you’ll help fund the equipment, but you’ll also prove to our other backers that there are people out there who want and need these facilities which they will also benefit from. At this stage in our development your support is absolutely critical. So please help the Hornbeam Bakers Collective and pledge something now!

There are plenty of rewards and this project will benefit you, us and the communities we are a part of!

Thank you!

Completed Cob Oven

Its the end of November, a month of sun, winds and gales, rain and chill and with that comes the end of the cob oven project!

We have been spending the whole month and the one before that working on creating a cob oven from scratch!

It all started with help from Simon Blackwell with a one off workshop and some kindly donated funds from James Crawley from Community Links www.communitylinks.org and the rest is history,well bascially a lot of hard work from community members.

Its all been relatively smooth, bar a few cracks and damp patches here and there but plenty of fun and education and a labour of love!

a BIG Thanks to all who helped us on this great project:  

Simon Blackwell, Ken Johns, Suat Atac, Helen schafer-Cohen, Anna Mitchell, Dan, Nic pomphrey, Pamela Shaw, Patrick Shaw and little Isla, Andie Barlow, Elsa Godfrey, Renee Brawley,Toby Conroy, Anthony Lane, Edek and the Hornbeam Crew

There will be Pizza from our first cob oven bake off as soon after we have fired it up a few times and let is dry out completely and of course you are all invited!



some soup and treats at our pop up cafe at the Blackhorse Workshop





A lamp helped us see inside the beast




Removing all the sand, so much sand! from inside ‘the beast’



firing it up, a crowd gathers to warm up, featuring Matt from the Blackhorse Workshop




Ken watching proudly




look at it burn




Ken checking the door fits! he may make another one that is light enough for all to handle



Pilar filling up that hole!

This cob oven will continually need repairs and maintenance so we are saying its completed but there will always be more work to do on this beauty!



ongoing works….


…so the kitchen is slowly taking shape thanks to the amazing and generous work of Edek and Simon who are there most days engaged in this art form that is Plumbing; i’m mesmerised at their skill and so grateful for their good disposition and spirits.

…and the outdoors cob oven has received it’s final smooth coat as well! made of clay, sand and wheat “glue” (cooked flour and water). We did it last saturday on another session of collective fun; Raju, Renee, Toby, Ken, Tony, David, Pilar and Renee’s children were there with hot cups of tea, cold toes and good laughs




making the cob base with sand and clay








The prepared cob oven awaits….






Raju making the wheat paste for the render






Ken putting the render on like plaster using a float




Renee mixing up the render wetter with a shovel




David securing the loose fire bricks with cob mixture



smoothing the render around the door way so the door fits



Raju smoothing the render down




The finished smoothed render final layer!


Hooray we are nearly done!