Fermenting foods

An evening of fermentation.  Learn how to ferment a range of vegetables to create refreshing new flavours. Create your own to take away, learn how to combine them into salads, solve the problem of allotment gluts and learn some preserving techniques. This course is for complete beginners and also for people who have already started fermenting but are not completely satisfied with the results. Friday 23rd May and Friday 20th June, 6:30 to 9:30 at the Fermentarium (Sutherland Road Path London E17 6BX). £30. To book a place email : hornbeambakers@gmail.com

Fermenting gherkins - after 2 days

Fermenting gherkins – after 2 days


Baking and brewing reunited!

The connection between baking and brewing has been restored at the Fermentarium. Our first brew made with organic pale malt, crystal malt and Sovereign hops is now fermenting happily. For centuries baking and brewing were carried on side by side so that yeast could be shared. After all they are similar techniques, fermenting dough creates alcohol which is lost during the baking process, while the mashing wort is a bit like a very runny dough. A result of the close proximity of baking and brewing was barm bread which was made by scrapping the yeast head off the fermenting beer, mixing it overnight with flour and then using that to leaven the bread. So some barm bread experiments on the horizon…

First wort downloading from the mash tun to the copper

First wort downloading from the mash tun to the copper

Bakers Arms cancelled but still a souper Wednesday!

Today we were meant to be celebrating the opening of the re-furbished public space at the Bakers Arms junction with our bread stall, but the event was cancelled last minute.  It’s raining so actually not complaining after the chill winds on Saturday’s Growing Communities Market. Still a busy day we’ve delivered a batch of loaves including 100% wholemeal spelt sourdough and Pain au levain to the Mill for the fundraiser with Walthamstow’s Food bank, Eat or Heat. Our bread is accompanying the pea, pak choi & pesto soup knocked up by Nat and the crew. If you are about the last Wednesday of April then come down and see what soup/bread combination awaits. Souper Wednesday

Today the chuffins, tomorrow the cake!

This weekend marked a year since we returned to do Growing Communities Farmers’ Market in Stoke Newington. Nearly every fortnight our sourdough stall has been selling out with the chuffins (sourdough chestnut muffins) usually first to go. To build on this success and take up a new challenge we are about to take a walk on the sweet side and add cake in the very near future. What is your favourite cake? Ever had sourdough cake? Come and let us know so we can create some super tasty stuff!

Chuffins and cocofins in big buffet mode

Chuffins and cocofins in big buffet mode

From Archway with love

The Fermentarium’s convection ovens are nestling in their new home! Our master builder, Edek, led the collection from the 15th floor of the Archway Tower. The twin ovens once separated weighed in at 156 kilos apiece but thankfully fitted into the lift with a few millimetres to spare. A big thanks to Essential Living for the generous donation of the ovens and thanks also to the contractors of Doveguard who helped us move the buggers. The ovens from the old DWP canteen are now being cleaned and then wired up by Suat and will be providing our bakers with the means to expand production. Better bread for all!

Archway from up on high

Archway from up on high

new ovens

The lower oven now in place


The sign is up! Baking every Tuesday and Friday, best to drop by for a loaf in the afternoon at the moment. We’re still awaiting our big oven. We’re still looking for a creative person for our cafe, if you know of someone who’s looking for a new opportunity then tell them to get in touch!2014-02-18 14.55.14

Real food lover wanted for creative cafe opportunity

FermentaiumThe Hornbeam Bakers Collective is looking for someone to help us run the cafe aspect of the Fermentarium, our newly-opened bakery which services the Blackhorse Workshop in Walthamstow. The work will involve creating an imaginative menu of mostly vegan and some vegetarian light meals, snacks and drinks which utilises our baked and other items and helping to run events and some external catering.


We are looking for someone who:

  • Has experience running a cafe or catering operation
  • Enjoys experimenting and developing new flavour combinations
  • Is happy sharing an underdeveloped kitchen space with a bunch of bakers
  • Shares our values of encouraging community baking and food

Please note, this is neither a paid role or a volunteer role but a business opportunity that would require you to be registered as self-employed. It is temporary to begin with but has the potential to grow and continue. To start from 1st March.

If you are interested please write to us at hornbeambakers@gmail.com

Deadline for applications: Monday 24th February 2014, 12 noon.

To apply please answer the following questions:

  • What is your experience of running or working in a cafe or catering operation?
  • What attracts you to this opportunity?
  • What is your availability and flexibility in regards to time?
  • How do you think we could develop the cafe and make it a sustainable operation?