“Hidden Voices” event (January 2014) testimonial

Written by Daniela Othiano co-organizer of “Hidden Voices”:

“For our ‘Hidden Voices’ event in London we wanted
somewhere local in Walthamstow, a place with good
values, a venue or project that would benefit from hosting
us – financially and maybe also in less tangible ways.
The Hornbeam Bakers Collective has been around for a
while, operating from the Hornbeam Community Cafe,
creating great bread and wonderful food from local
produce, and sharing baking and other related skills
around the community. In a serendipitous way, we heard
that they were setting up in a new venue at Blackhorse
Road Workshop: an old industrial site, in the process of
transforming into a skillshare centre for wood and metal
work and a cafe.
It was the kind of in-between, liminal space that our event
and our background of gentle disruptions and interest in
hidden stories needed: A growing, working space, urban,
still a bit makeshift and beautiful because of it. With
people who full of good will and often against the odds,
try to do something for their community.
The Bakers hosted us with much care and generous
portions of delicious organic and gluten free food.
Despite not being fully set up themselves at the time,
they gracefully helped us make it all happen. It felt like an
expression of their dedication to go out on limbs, to get
stuck in, to be open and to work for new ways.”


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