…First baked goods !

As you know at the very end of the year we made it to our Crowdfunder target ! It was wonderful to feel the community support (we had 110 backers which felt great) and we want to thank again everyone who was behind, with your help the works at the new space continued to develop

… Things tend to take more time than one thinks and that has definitely been the case with our new bakery. The commercial ovens have had several failed attempts to being delivered (we’re still waiting for them and looking forwards to having them installed!), we are still missing other key bits of equipment (like refrigeration and mixer, although the kitchen is SO cold that we might make heating a priority over refrigeration!), the cob oven refuses to dry in this super wet winter weather and most important our human resources are quite stretched and we are feeling tired… BUT we have started producing baked goods in the kitchen using the domestic oven and they have been wonderful! The Blackhorse Workshop had a preview party a couple of weeks ago and we catered for the event providing some beautiful dishes thanks to the good work of Gaba, Raju, Pam and Simon, most of the food was cooked in people’s kitchen’s in our Bakers’ Collective tradition but some delicious gluten free bites were produced by Raju at the new bakery and we were proud!

This last friday we hosted an event called Hidden Voices (here’s their blog http://effectivenessinaction.tumblr.com/) and again the food was delicious and this time fully baked and prepared at the bakery; Raju’s skills as a chef were wonderfully displayed in a gluten free and vegan menu that was commended by everyone.

And today Simon spent the day baking at the venue, the first proper shift, congratulations and thanks Simon! …now we just need the proper equipment to arrive… Schumacker wrote a “study of economics as if people mattered” called “Small is beautiful”    … I think Slow can be beautiful too.

The Blackhorse Workshop http://blackhorseworkshop.co.uk/ opened its doors on saturday 1st February, come to check it out and pay us a visit; we will be increasing our baking activity as the month progresses, at the moment we are there Tuesdays and Fridays  selling bread, baked goods, tea and coffee and likely to be there many other times if you pop around, see you soon!


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