ongoing works….


…so the kitchen is slowly taking shape thanks to the amazing and generous work of Edek and Simon who are there most days engaged in this art form that is Plumbing; i’m mesmerised at their skill and so grateful for their good disposition and spirits.

…and the outdoors cob oven has received it’s final smooth coat as well! made of clay, sand and wheat “glue” (cooked flour and water). We did it last saturday on another session of collective fun; Raju, Renee, Toby, Ken, Tony, David, Pilar and Renee’s children were there with hot cups of tea, cold toes and good laughs




making the cob base with sand and clay








The prepared cob oven awaits….






Raju making the wheat paste for the render






Ken putting the render on like plaster using a float




Renee mixing up the render wetter with a shovel




David securing the loose fire bricks with cob mixture



smoothing the render around the door way so the door fits



Raju smoothing the render down




The finished smoothed render final layer!


Hooray we are nearly done!


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