First fire

Another cob oven building session and we are getting close…

As you know the hornbeam bakers’ collective is getting their new premises ready at the Blackhorse Workshop, a warehouse in an industrial estate in Walthamstow that is about to become a community space for artists, builders, chefs and community bakers.

Today Ken, pilar and Simon opened the door of the cob oven and removed the sand -mold- from the insideImageImageImage

We had to wear hard hats because there were other works taking place… ImageImageImage

…and we look like proper builders

It was a relief that the structure of the oven didn’t collapse when we took the sand out. Ken had brought the tools and did most of the hard work, his help and enthusiasm are being of great value.

We are doing this work with very little economic resources, we are fundraising right now as we get the work done and try to find cheap equipment. Members of the collective and supporters are putting a great amount of hours and creativity into bringing this new phase of the collective into birth… Sometimes it feels to me that it is too big, we can’t make it, we’re not ready… and today I feel we can, not alone but with the help of our friends and supporters, by making each step of the way a community adventure, by trusting that together we will find creative solutions as we keep developing our ability to work and organise together.

The oven didn’t collapse, we gathered a little bit of kindling and in the middle of this industrial state, in this crisp, sunny autumn day we lit a flame in the hearth for the first time…

2010-01-28 13.53.17








2010-01-28 13.59.24







…wishing a great abundance of loaves and  nourishment for the years to come *



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