New venue!! and call out for workshop leaders

As many of you know already, the Hornbeam Bakers’ Collective has a new venue; we are very excited about these new developments and are hoping the new space will become a vibrant community resource.

From january we will be partially operating from there; we doubt the kitchen will be fully fitted by then but we can start using the workshop space for other kind of classes and events.

So please read below, pass this mesage around to your contacts and get in touch if you would like to offer a workshop, we would love to hear from you.


Best wishes,


pilar on behalf of the Hornbeam Bakers



Workshop Programme Call Out Jan – Mar 2014:


The Hornbeam Bakers Collective are seeking workshop practioners who can lead non-baking workshops from Jan – Mar 2014. Please submit a short proposal of what you would like to run as a session, availability and what would requirements you would need in detail. We are looking specifically for any workshops that can empower individuals and the communities we live in. Anything from yoga, healing and health focused, environmental, making various foods, self empowerment, education, arts, craft or skill sharing and more!


Our ethos at the collective is too keep workshop costs low so that they are made more accessible. The fee for the workshops will therefore reflect this at £100 for leading a 3-4 hr session to include costs of materials (*shorter sessions will have a reduced fee). The rest of the costs will go towards the collective to be put back into our community project and for administration and hire of venue. We can provide some equipment but would prefer if facilitators can provide their own and/or are using minimal resources.


We are seeking facilitators who are either qualified to teach and/or have good experience, and can provide references and any appropriate certification.


Please send submissions to by 15 Nov 2013


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