Hornbeam Bakers Collective at Gourmet Food Fair – Appetite 2013, Saturday 29th June 12pm – 5pm

Saturday 29th June 12pm – 5pm

The Bell Pub, 617 Forest Rd, London, ImageE17 4NE

The Hornbeam Bakers Collective will be selling bread and baked goods at the Gourmet Food Fair, part of the Waltham Forest-wide inaugural food festival Appetite 2013,  taking place thoughout June.  The venue is the handsome and newly re-opened Bell Pub in Walthamstow

The Gourmet Food Fair celebrates the products and produce of independent home-makers, garden growers, artisan bakers, gourmets tasters, liqueur lovers and cook-your-own-enthusiasts. Here, under one roof, visitors can shop for delicious wares on offer from an ever-growing number of skilled, talented and creative traders proud to sustain their food and food-related businesses across Waltham Forest and East London.



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